The PowernaPlus-vitality-Programm | Audio-CD

The PowernaPlus-vitality-Programm | Audio-CD

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PowernaPlus-Vitality-Program (only available in English language) The PowernapPlus Program... mehr
Produkt "The PowernaPlus-vitality-Programm | Audio-CD"

PowernaPlus-Vitality-Program (only available in English language)

The PowernapPlus Program Vitality offers you the opportunity for an effective and deep relaxation at any given time, recharging your body and soul within 20 minutes - at home, at work or while travelling in airplanes or trains.

After the Powernap you will feel more alive, vibrant, creative and productive with a lasting sense of relaxation. Powernap is a guided tour to the source of your well-being. Natural sounds, three dimensional waves and whispered thought impulses will allow you easily to reach a state of utter restfulness.

The PowernapPlus program is exclusively created and produced by Uwe Karstädt, the well known German healer and bestselling book author. PowernapPlus programs originated at Uwe Karstädt’s clinic in Munich and are successfully used by healthcare professionals and laymen.

Karstädt´s PowernaPlus-vitality-Programm for an effective and deep nap:

  • Left and right brain hemispheres come into balance
  • Alpha and Theta waves lead effortlessly to deep relaxation and recovery
  • The desired effect from relaxation is enhanced by special Dr-Rife-frequencies
  • Activation of the body’s own regenerative strength from whispered affirmations by Uwe Karstädt
  • Clearly limited time sequences, like this after 20 minutes you can shape your day in a fresh, clear and efficient manner.

This CD features two programs:

  • PowernapPlus Vitality approx. 20 min
  • Ultra-PowernapPlus approx. 10 min


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